What time does the service begin?

The service begins at SHARPLY at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Preservice prayers begin at 6pm

Where does The Collide meet every third Saturday

We meet at Mission City Church, 1290 Pomeroy Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95051

How much does it cost to attend The Collide?

The Collide is completely FREE! There is no charge, however we do receive a love offering during each gathering.

Will there be childcare available?

Yes, FREE childcare will be available for ages 5-11 from 7pm-10pm.

How can I promote The Collide in my church or community?

Please contact us at info@thecollide.com. We would love to make announcements, put up posters, or pass out fliers during any services you have.

How can I volunteer for The Collide?

Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Adrienne, via email. adrienne@thecollide.com

How is The Collide able to offer the conference for free?

Although we offer the conference free for registrants, it is not free for us.
The budget for these gatherings/conference are more than $20,000. We need your help. If you would like to partner with us,
please visit www.thecollide.com/donate and make a donation to help us to continue the move of God through our ministry.