Join Matt Gilman, & The Collide team for a night of worship and revival on March 19, from 6-9pm. We believe that we are in the most pivotal position of our nation’s spiritual history. With the rise of racial unrest, political turmoil, and spiritual apathy, America can go one of two ways; We will either become a post-modern society that forgets it’s Spiritual roots and inheritance, or we’ll turn our face to the Lord in repentance and experience a third Great Awakening.

For the last 7 years we have personally believed God for a great outpouring of His Spirit and we believe we are on the edge of that move. We are in need of more than just a reviving of the church, although that is greatly needed. We need an incredible spiritual shaking; we need revival.

We are asking that thousands of people, both young and old, would join us in major regions across California as we exalt the name of Jesus together and cry out for His Spirit to hover over our Nation once again. This gathering is a call to see believers come out of a spiritually lethargic state, and into a radical lifestyle of revival on the earth.

We are excited to have Matt Gilman as well as other speakers join us in opening up the heavens over California. As California goes, so goes the Nation. So help us to spread the word, as we believe God for another Great Awakening.

Service begins promptly at 6pm
Location: Valley West Christian Center, 101 W. Adell St. Madera, CA 93637