Every third Saturday of the month, hundreds gather for a time of refreshing worship, prophetic ministry, and impactful preaching.

Since 2010, we have seen a tremendous move of God throughout the earth as we host conferences and gatherings in different regions around the world. We’ve seen people healed, saved, and set free from incredible bondages. But in this next season we sense the Lord speaking to us to create a spiritual oasis here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I want to personally invite you to save the date and join us for our monthly gatherings every third Saturday from 7-10pm. Our whole team is prayerfully prepares to host hundreds of believers every month for times of refreshing. My dear sister and the worship leader of The Collide, Destiny McGuire will be leads us into intimate times of worship, and I deliver a God-sent word of freedom and breakthrough.

picGet excited! These are phenomenal times! You can expect for souls to be saved, bodies and minds to be healed, and deliverance to take place. No agendas, no schedules, just the moving of God’s spirit is all we are pressing in for. I promise that you’ll walk away from the monthly gatherings feeling empowered to change the world.

The location of our venue is Mission City Church, 1290 Pomeroy Avenue in the city of Santa Clara at 7pm! FREE childcare is provided for ages 5-11.

We look forward to you, your family, and your church group joining us every month for a colliding, life changing experience with the Spirit of God!

In His Service,

Del Augusta
Founder & Director, The Collide